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AUGUST 2019 / Workshops with Karl Dedolph:

A unique combination with a highly experienced street photographer and photographic educator leads to a powerful and immersive learning experience. A small element of the workshop is theory-based, but most of the time together is spent shooting on the streets, learning by experience with plenty of individual, hands-on assistance.

The workshops are fun, informative and relaxed. They are sometimes provocative, usually challenging and always highly enjoyable; they will stretch your imagination, develop your skills and boost your confidence. Workshops start at a minimum of a 3-Hour/day. Check back for date & locations.

These street photography courses are all about ‘getting the picture’ with a grounding in the essentials such as camera settings, focusing, lighting and composition. We will make the most of our time together by focusing on how to make you a great street photographer, conquering your fear of shooting on the streets, understanding what makes a good picture and ensuring that you capture ‘the moment’.

Good street photography extends beyond random pictures of strangers walking down a street or of people sitting in a cafe. Much attention is to the aesthetic. There could be slight variations according to the weather, the time of year or certain events taking place – but the program uses a structured, tried and tested formula to help you get the best out of our time together.

Call to set up a customized workshop – 612-845-1972 / Karl Dedolph -

Upcoming: August 2019 / Bonneville Speedweek